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Complete List of Projects we sell

Name Location Status
Victoria Sports Tower - EDSA more infoQC, EDSA-KamuningRFO
Victoria Sports Tower - Monumento more infoMonumento CirclePre-Selling 2027
Victoria Arts & Theater Towermore infoQC, Timog AvePre-Selling 2024
Victoria Towers ABC&D more infoQC, Timog AveRFO
Victoria de Morato more infoQC, Tomas MoratoRFO
Victoria de Hidalgo more infoManila, QuiapoPre-Selling 2025
Victoria de Malate more infoManila, MalatePre-Selling 2023
Victoria de Manila 2 more infoManila, MalateRFO
Victoria de Makati more infoMakati, WashingtonRFO
Fort Victoria more infoBGC, 5th AveRFO
Victoria de Valenzuela more infoValenzuela, Mac ArthurPre-Selling 2026