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Please click the button below to download the broker accreditation form to be accredited as our partner.

The requirements are listed there too. After filling out the form, please scan and email us the digital copy. We will need the physical copy by the time you made a sale. Also please include two valid IDs with 3 specimen signatures.

You can find our updated computation here:


If you have any other questions or if you'd like to set an appointment to visit our Model Units or reserve at our office.

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Name Location Status
Victoria Sports Tower - EDSA more infoQC, EDSA-KamuningRFO
Victoria Sports Tower - Monumento more infoMonumento CirclePre-Selling 2027
Victoria Arts & Theater Towermore infoQC, Timog AvePre-Selling 2024
Victoria Towers ABC&D more infoQC, Timog AveRFO
Victoria de Morato more infoQC, Tomas MoratoRFO
Victoria de Hidalgo more infoManila, QuiapoPre-Selling 2025
Victoria de Malate more infoManila, MalatePre-Selling 2023
Victoria de Manila 2 more infoManila, MalateRFO
Victoria de Makati more infoMakati, WashingtonRFO
Fort Victoria more infoBGC, 5th AveRFO
Victoria de Valenzuela more infoValenzuela, Mac ArthurPre-Selling 2026